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Join the #ScrapPack and support us by sending a monthly financial donation of your choice—and by sending us your scrap! Your monthly financial donation is essential to support the ongoing employment of our female soapmakers and goes directly to providing soap to those who need it. Choose the contribution that works for you and enjoy the associated benefits. You can recycle your scrap by sending it directly to our warehouse. We accept all kinds of scrap—bevels, off-cuts, bad batches, full bars—in any amount, at any time.

Eco-Soap Bank is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization—all donations are tax deductible

We've named our membership tiers after our SOAPLAYTM products—fun shaped bars of soap that encourage handwashing and change hygiene for good.
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FAQ #ScrapPack

Are you a nonprofit or a business?


Eco-Soap Bank is a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Organization!

Why do I have to donate financially to send you soap?


The #ScrapPack fuels our mission - the monetary donation allows us to employ 175 marginalized women in 5 countries across Africa and Asia to recycle and distribute soap to over 9 million people in 33 countries. All donations are tax-deductible.

Who else participates in this program?


Our #ScrapPack partners include hundreds of soapmakers like Royalty Soaps, The Soap Gal, and more. We would be honored to have you join the #ScrapPack too!

What if I live outside the US?


While shipping soap internationally may be prohibitively expensive, you can still support our program financially by signing up. If you live in close proximity to one of our hub countries please contact us directly about ways to donate your soap.

What type of soap do you accept?


We accept all unused soap scrap, but no heavy lye batches please.

What do you do with the soap?


Your soap is shipped to one of our 5 hubs where it is rebatched and distributed to children in over 30 countries around the world. Please visit our mission page to learn more.

What are the working conditions for the women abroad?


Women are paid above fair wage employment standards for their regions and given skills training. Women in our program earn up to 415% more than their previous job.

How can I support this program further?


Please talk about the Scrap Pack on social media, tell your friends! Here is a press package with assets to share. If you want to contact our marketing team, please email

How can I manage/cancel/update my membership?


You can manage your membership by visiting the customer portal. Please sign in with the email address you used for your membership. Email us at if you have any questions

Still have questions? Email us at