Our Research

At Eco-Soap Bank, it's critical for us to understand the impact of our work. We also know that our partners and donors appreciate seeing the direct impact of their contributions. That's why our in-house research team continuously assesses our programs to ensure visibility and transparency for all.

Cambodia Economic Empowerment

In this report, we trace the financial and social impacts among Eco-Soap Bank’s soap recyclers by tracking their ability to make tangible progress towards economic empowerment.

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Changing Hygiene Behavior with SOAPLAYTM

SOAPLAYTM now offers a highly affordable, incentivizing soap bar alternative ready for large-scale distribution to vulnerable communities of children around the world.

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Environmental Impact

This report briefly outlines the environmental footprint created by the yearly stream of soap factory waste and explores the gains that can be made by expanding attempts to reduce it.

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Micro-Enterprise Pilot Study, Uganda 2023

This report details how Eco-Soap Bank’s micro-enterprise model represents a viable solution to promote women’s economic empowerment and improve access to high-quality recycled soap in vulnerable, hard-to reach communities.

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School Handwashing and Health Study

Eco-Soap Bank, in cooperation with Pauline Juliet, implemented a handwashing outreach program in 24 rural schools. This report summarizes the findings from the project evaluation.

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